Sustainability Snapshot


In addition to our community resource conservation programs, Eco Caters has the following sustainability protocols in place:

Sustainable Fisheries - Eco Caters researches and works with our purveyors to identify the type of partners we want to feature. As the oceans have become imperiled, it has become increasingly important to utilize sustainably farmed seafood. Low pen density, all natural feed programs and zero antibiotic usage are just a few of the criteria to meet the Eco Caters standard. 


Shrimp - Eco Caters only uses shrimp that are wild caught in the Gulf of Mexico. There are a host of issues that could be raised with imported shellfish from quality of product to ethics in raising - to keep things simple we buy American caught shrimp.


Composting Model - Eco Caters takes great pride in limiting what we send to the landfill - Composting is an effective remediation for that. On top of this we are fortunate to work with Veteran's Compost, who employs Military Vets to turn our waste into beautiful fertilizer.


Storm Oil - Eco Caters selects all their vendors carefully, right down to the company that refines our used oil.  Storm Oil is a great D.C. based company that ensures our old oil is use for Biodiesel in the future - a boon to the environment and economy.


Roadrunner Recycling - This company ensures as much of our recycled matter actually makes it to the finish line. By choosing value added supply chains for each type of recycled materials we produce - we are confident that our glass, cardboard and other things have a life to live beyond.


Invasive Species - Eco Caters has the ability to create menus that feature invasive species from the Chesapeake Watershed - wild blue catfish is the tastiest catfish in the country and also a burden on The Bay - do the Chesapeake a favor and order some Wild Blue Catfish today!


Food Waste Menus - Eco Caters has been working for a couple years now to find clever ways to extend the utility of our food.  From carrot peel soup to spice blends made from beet trimmings or pickles made from kale stems - we want to repurpose every usable bit of food we receive to prevent wastage from happening.


360 Model - As you can see from our initiatives above, some of our farm partners are clients of our composting partner where we source some of our seasonal produce. It’s just another example of how we don't just look at our profit margin, we consider our impact on our society and environment at every turn. We engage in our community in meaningful ways - our founder and owner John Cosgrove sits on the Sustainability Board at Arlingtons Chamber of Commerce and our Chef Robert Wood sits on the Board of Directors for Kid Power in D.C. We support multiple other non-profits in the area including DC Central Kitchen, Capital Area Food Bank and US Food rescue through fundraising efforts and donations of time and product. This all while serving absolutely delicious food and providing thoughtful, timely service.