SuperFd and EcoCaters strive forward through adversity.

As the Washington DC area prepares for the worst case scenarios of the COVID 19 virus - EcoCaters and SuperFd find purpose in creating through tough times. Owners John Cosgrove and Robert Wood roll out a brand new home delivery service with a special feature!

For every meal delivered to their client base, Chef Wood says they will prepare a meal for someone at risk.

"For all my DC FRIENDS!! Robert Wood is one of the most generous, talented, kind people I've ever met. Eco caters has supported Kid Power and so many other non profits and young people. Now they have a brilliant idea in their time of need."

- Andria Hollis Tobin, Executive Director Kid Power 

Building on the years of work with DC Central Kitchen and Kid Power here in the District - EcoCaters and SuperFd are well grounded in the community. Chef Wood sits on the Board of Kid Power and has spent the last decade volunteering to teach at DCCK as well as participating in their intern programming. We are working quickly with our contacts to identify the most effective ways to deliver freshly made foods to people that need them. We will keep you posted on our progress! 

Thank you for helping SuperFd and EcoCaters as we strive to keep our Chefs cooking and folks at risk with a full belly. We are witnessing history that will change things - if we work together, then we can come out on the other side of this thing stronger.