COVID-19: SuperFd Safety Precautions

COVID-19: SuperFd Safety Precautions

 Internal Precautions:

SuperFd stands by our commitment to quality, safety, and health of our customers and clients. Due to the engaging nature of the Food Service Industry, we understand that now is a time for us to be extremely diligent and aware of our cleanliness and hygiene. 

 Our catering kitchen was designed as a USDA Certified production facility that required redundancies in regard to health and safety.  Some of these features include foot-pedal hand washing stations, partitioned kitchen spaces, multiple ventilation points, glove dispensers at all preparation tables, and extra washrooms for office and kitchen staff.  

During the past few weeks, EcoCaters has put hyper-focus on internal training, practices, and event precautions around handling foods and minimizing exposure for both the foods SuperFd serves and our clients.

This includes but is not exclusive to;

  • Keeping food covered until the second it needs to be served and whenever possible during service.  Looking at creative ways to provide sneeze guard type protections. 
  • Requiring the use of gloves for increased safety on packing plates and flatware, platters, etc. - beyond the basic requirements of food handling. 
  • We have made it a requirement to elbow bump instead of shaking hands or high fiving in the office and kitchen to lower direct physical contact. 
  • Handwashing signage has been updated and posted throughout the office and kitchen
  • Wiping down and disinfecting all surfaces in the office three times a day, and hourly in the production kitchen. 
  • Purchasing sanitizers and placing in all common places throughout our facility
  • Providing extra service tongs, spoons etc. to facilitate rotating them for sanitation
  • Recommending clients against any platters (such as crudite, hummus, dips, charcuterie etc…) as they present increased exposure. We can provide these same menu items in single service containers to decrease the risk greatly.   
  • All staff are required to attend a panel discussion around the coronavirus and its effect on the Food Service Industry. 
  • All employees are instructed to stay home if there are any early symptoms of a cold or flu until they are cleared to return to work.  
  • Posting for our staff - The National Restaurant Association, CoronaVirus Information, and Resources in the office. Find the resource here
  • All management has been required to read through and familiarize themselves with the newest release of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention - guidelines for businesses and employees to plan and respond.  Find the resource here
  • No employees are allowed to travel internationally during this time
  • Daily Updates are provided in our morning meetings

    In addition to strict adherence to the legal requirements from the Health Department, SuperFd also provides paid sick-leave so our employees are not reluctant to stay home when they are not feeling well.  At SuperFD, we understand the importance of the health and safety of our employees and customers, thus we continue to make all the necessary steps to provide appropriate measures in place.

    Furthermore, it’s more important now than ever for us to do everything to stay healthy and strengthen our immune systems with nutrient-packed, organic, and locally sourced food.  At SuperFD, not only do we deliver clean, great-tasting, balanced meals to our professional athletes in the District and across the country, but also the First Responders across the VA and DC’s hospitals, Nonprofit organizations, and other local government agencies.  The health of these clients is at the top of our priority list. 

    It has become more prominent that what SuperFd offers is nothing like what other caterers are offering to businesses and clients. It was our privilege to do business with you, and it would be our pleasure to continue building on our relationship with you. 

    Together, let's continue to educate and promote healthy living!